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Italian manufacturers and brands

There are hundreds of experienced companies in Italy, offering an unprecedented selection of Como scarves, ranging from medium-low to luxury prices.
They offer a fantastic selection of models, styles, colors, and qualities matching any market requirement. You can even find tiny companies or artisans providing unique, exclusive, Como scarves one piece at the time.

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Directory of Italian companies of Italian scarves

Find, select, and contact hundreds of Italian manufacturers, brands, artisans, and wholesale distributors. Submit your request to one, a group, or even all of them, then expect feedback from the companies. Register with the ItalianModa B2B platform and get additional benefits and powerful business tools. All services are free.

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Browse or search through thousands of gorgeous images of made in Italy fashion accessories. Click each product to get additional information or learn how to buy it wholesale, directly from the Italian company. Enjoy also the outstanding image search engine (MODA SCOUT), delivering precise results to your queries, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

B2B wholesale catalogs

Enjoy a community of advanced B2B online catalogs of square silk scarves. Each catalog is managed by an Italian  company selling wholesale directly to resellers. You can place an order whenever you want, purchasing directly from the manufacturer or brand in Italy. No intermediary steps mean the lowest wholesale prices and better opportunities for your business of quality Como scarves.

Private label, overstocks, and dropshipping

The ItalianModa B2B marketplace helps you to find selected Italian partners for private label, discounted overstocks (occasionally available), and dropshipping of Italian fashion accessories.

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